Pieces Directed

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Axel F

By Liz Flahive

How does a child begin to repay their parents for the years of sacrifice and love that were given to them? Axel F tells the story of Carrie and Ethel who begrudgingly attend their adult father’s wedding to a woman with whom they are less than thrilled. Carrie tries to fulfill her role as the older sister and keep the wedding and bridezilla happy, while Ethel could care less if the wedding went well. The moment builds to when they need to make their wedding speeches for their dad, and we see how they really feel about their dad and his marriage.

Women and Wallace

By Jonathan Sherman

In Women and Wallace, we see Wallace wandering, trying desperately to hold onto the love that he once felt from his mother when he was six years old before her suicide. He looks for it in his relationship with his grandmother, his absent father, and all of his romantic partners, but to no avail. We see him stumble and fall, and continuously manufacture relationships with women, even if they are not right for him. I hope while watching this show, we can all find a solidarity in Wallace’s desire to be loved.

(D)ILLUSION: STPT's Director Apprentice Scene Night

Scenes by Jean-Paul Sartre & Sophie Treadwell

As a part of the Shakespeare Theatre of New Jersey's Summer Professional Training Program, directing apprentices chose two scenes from the classical canon to direct. In No Exit by Jean-Paul Sartre and Machinal by Sophie Treadwell, both pieces explore the power of relationships. They can either lift us up and explore the beautiful parts of ourselves that we have kept dormant or cause us to confront our base, animalistic instincts, and lash out. These two pieces, although they seem completely different, they are just two sides of the same coin.